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  • Quality

    The individual samples of the various batches of coffee are subject to careful sensory analysis by a panel of expert tasters, alongside and assisted by the Molinari family.

    Once the sample is approved, the respective batch is purchased and shipped to our premises after inspection by our local agent.

    Caffè Molinari’s master roasters mix the batches of different origin before roasting. In order to keep the flavour constant over time – coffee being a natural product, with characteristics that vary from harvest to harvest depending on temperature, rainfalls etc. – the recipe is always adapted as a function of the flavour and aroma characteristics of the green coffees available.

    All the coffee roasted during the day is packaged within the evening to preserve its aromatic characteristics. Caffè Molinari coffee is packaged in bags, pods, capsules, tins and cans in a protected atmosphere (blowing in nitrogen before closing the package in order to decrease the percentage of oxygen and humidity), thus protecting our coffee’s aroma………

    Hot Coffee In A Caffe Molinari Cup            ……..until it reaches your cup!!!