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  • Coffee Flow Bags 1kg


    Oro Beans Flow Bags
    A perfect mixture of the best coffees gives this blend an unmistakable body, creaminess and aroma. For those who are used to the best.

    AROMA chiccochiccochiccochicco
    BODY chiccochiccochiccochicco
    ACIDITÀ / ACIDITY chiccochiccochiccochicco
    DOLCEZZA / SWEETNESS chiccochiccochiccochicco



    Platino Beans Flow Bag
    This blend is made up almost exclusively of coffee from Central America, with a strong and lingering aroma. Ideal for connoisseurs of coffee’s aromatic fragrance.

    AROMA chiccochiccochiccomezzochicco
    BODY chiccochiccochiccochiccomezzochicco
    ACIDITÀ / ACIDITY chiccochiccochiccomezzochicco
    DOLCEZZA / SWEETNESS chiccochiccochicco



    Rosso Beans Flow Bag
    This blend is especially for those wishing to serve coffee with an unmistakable aroma, in Caffe’ Molinari tradition. Rosso is a result of a careful selection of Arabica and Robusta, and is a coffee for those who like a stronger taste and dark cream.

    AROMA chiccochiccochicco
    BODY chiccochiccochiccochiccochicco
    ACIDITÀ / ACIDITY chiccochicco
    DOLCEZZA / SWEETNESS chiccochicco