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  • Coffee Capsules for Industrial Machines

    Selection of Coffee Capsules


    Blend sophisticated and elegant with citrus notes, the delicate body but persistent on the palate.

    An espresso without caffeine, which is excellent in appearance, smell and taste. Fine and aromatic, fully satisfies the desire to drink a good coffee.


    Flavoured Coffee (the flavour is infused into the coffee beans)

    Chocolate Orange:
    For the most refined palates.

    A refined fragrant espresso, that satisfies your desire for coffee and for sweetness at the same time, like a delicious caress of chocolate and orange.

    The cocoa aromas intensify the taste and persistence of the coffee, however the true pleasure can be found in the final contrast with an intriguing hint of orange.

    Suitable for any time of day.

    Ginger Bread:
    A true coffee delicacy.

    The aroma of the typical spiced cookie makes for a more delicious coffee, treating you to a full, sweet, and well-rounded pleasure.

    The espresso’s force goes deliciously with the irresistible fragrances of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger that characterise the famous cookies.

    An excellent alternative to dessert, perfect after dinner or for an afternoon snack…

    A balance between hazelnut and coffee.

    Delicious, creamy, irresistible: a mouth-watering espresso with intense taste, enriched by the delicious aroma of fresh-roasted hazelnuts.

    It is impossible to resist the coffee’s energy combined with sweet mouth-watering hazelnuts: the perfect harmony between these flavours creates a deliciously flavoured drink.

    Excellent both hot and cold, it has a splendid cream, it is dense and full-bodied.


    An ancient oriental pleasure.

    The exotic aroma of Cardamom enhances the classical flavour of espresso with a fragrant, fresh and sharp, characteristically oriental touch.

    A unique unforgettable coffee thanks to its spicy attractive notes, that call to mind the charm of a journey to discover far away countries and new cultures.

    Cardamom has been used since ancient times to aromatize drinks, coffee and black tea.


    We also do Single Origin capsules.